Under Construction

Hello! It has been too long since my last blog post and I’ve missed you!

The past 3 weeks have been crazy busy. The Curry home is under construction. So, a LOT has been added to  the normal schedule and routine that we keep – which, by the way, isn’t extremely busy compared to most because I prefer being a homebody who seldom leaves Millersburg other than to go to work and if it was up to me I would hardly leave my property. I know it’s hard to imagine but, hey, that’s how I roll.

With a growing family – for which we are very thankful –  we have outgrown our kitchen/dining room area and changes needed to be made so we could all gather round the table when the gang’s all here.

So, thanks to Duane from Pinnacle Design and Contracting our kitchen and dining room are being remodeled. In order to remodel that space we had to move the laundry are from a closet area upstairs to the basement. Well, when planning to move the laundry downstairs we thought it would be a good idea to take our open, unfinished basement and make it into living space with a play room, living room, a ½ bath, storage room and, of course, the laundry room.   

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider taking on a project like finishing the basement but my buddy and coworker, Jerry said, “IT’S EASY!” Since I’ve seen Jerry take on some pretty big projects at work I believed him. I’ve since learned that “It’s easy!” is one of two go-to, frequently used answers of Jerry’s. The other being, “I CAN DO THAT!” There have been very few, if any, tasks or projects that we’ve faced in the remodeling job that Jerry hasn’t met with at “It’s easy” or “I (we) can do that!”

Thankfully it actually it’s been easy, fast  and we were able to do everything we wanted to do. Jerry doesn’t give himself much credit but he’s very talented. I couldn’t have done it without him (wouldn’t have even tried, actually).

So after almost 60 hours in the basement in 16 days, numerous trips to Holmes Lumber, Lowe’s, Orme’s Hardware and Ace Hardware, lots of sore muscles (that I’d forgotten I even have), many missed naps (you know how I love my naps), and some shuffling of our schedules, the basement rooms are ready for some finishing and painting and the upstairs is nearly finished as well.   

Our son, Hank helped out a lot along with our son-in-law, Brock, my patient wife, and our eager-to-help 6-year old, Harlie. We’ve done plenty of picking on each other and had many laughs and minimal disputes.

During this time I’ve been off all social media other than Instagram and away from the news which actually has been kind of nice. But it’s also meant that I haven’t had had time to write and I miss it.   

As things get finished up with our home improvement projects and get back to normal I will be able to devote my free time to writing and sharing again.  As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

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