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Here is where you will find some brief blurbs from Chad.  Random, off-the-cuff comments, thoughts and observations.

Cheese?     8/11/2017


Our hotel advertised free breakfast. Cool! That saves us a little money and hotel breakfasts are usually decent.

Monday morning we walked down to the little hotel lobby not knowing what to expect but hoping for something good to start the day: Maybe some cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, sausage or sausage and gravy with some biscuits or make-you-own waffles.

Well, we greatly overestimated.

On the little counter we saw the exact same spread each of the 4 mornings of our stay; (right to left) tiny slices of cranberry walnut and wheat bread, little prepackaged cinnamon rolls and donut holes, 1-inch squares of cake with frosting on them, misshapen hard boiled eggs from God only knows where and a small tray of… CHEESE –  cheese slices and cheese cubes.


Cheese on an omelet or on a sausage sandwich or melted over a breakfast casserole I can understand but I don’t ever remember laying out cheese for breakfast or ever being offered cheese for breakfast by someone else.

Is this a Michigan thing? Or is it a thing everywhere that I’m just not aware of?

I love cheese but I honestly don’t know what to make of the whole cheese-for-breakfast thing.

Anyone want to chime in on this? Is it just me or is this strange? Cheese (alone, sliced or cubed) for breakfast?    

Someone’s Excited 7/25/2017


Vacation was seven days away and Harlie was – to say the least – a little excited to go on this adventure.

A week out and Bobbie and I haven’t put much thought into our vacation other than when we’re leaving, where we will be staying and when we’ll get back.

Harlie, on the other hand, has her clothes packed, her toys for playing in the sand and her baby doll’s clothes, accessories and car seat packed and ready to go. Yes, you read that correctly – Harlie not only has gotten herself ready to go but she’s also gotten her baby doll (a Cabbage Patch), Kenzie, ready too. She’s carefully packed all of the necessities to properly care for Kenzie while on vacation.

It’s definitely a combination of enthusiasm and  – dare I say – a little obsessive compulsive disorder.

“How many days til we leave for vacation now?” asks Harlie at least once a day (usually more).  

As we travel to our destination, how many times do you think we will here “Are we there yet?”

Hopefully this vacation provides good weather, lots of fun and great memories so that next year Harlie will be just as excited.


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  1. Honestly, she reminds me of someone else I know, lol. I just love her to pieces and I hope she never changes, enjoy her and the rest of your family each and every day. They grow up way too fast and eventually fly away as they should with coming back to visit often (not as often as we would like though at times). I do hope and pray that you enjoy this vacation, have safe travels and make great memories to treasure for a lifetime. Love you all so very much XOXOXO


  2. Sounds wonderful !!! Thru the eyes of a child looking for adventure . where are you headed? Great travels and be safe💝 love to all.


    1. Headed a few hours north to the sand dunes of Michigan. For most Ohioans, Michigan is a naughty word! (College rivalry) but we’re hoping for a great time with lots of little adventures. New experiences for each of us!
      The weather looks fantastic up there for next week. Sunny and 80 nearly every day.


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